So much choice!

Cambridge 800 is available as a complete range of nutritionally balanced products (shakes, ready to drink, soups, porridge and bars) that contribute to what experts classify as your Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of essential vitamins and minerals.

As well as being convenient and easy to fit into your lifestyle, they provide a balance of protein, carbohydrate and fats, plus vitamins, minerals and trace elements. They have been created with good nutrition in mind for a healthy diet and fast, sustainable weight loss.

Lots of fabulous flavours!

Shake flavours include: Banana, Cappuccino, Chocolate Mint, Strawberry, Chocolate, Summer Fruits and Vanilla

Ready to Drink: Available in Chocolate flavour milkshake and Blueberry & Pomegranate flavour yoghurt drink

Soup flavours include: Mushroom, Leek and Potato and Vegetable.

Bars: Available in Lemon or Strawberry and Apple flavour*

Porridge: Original porridge

And to make sure you always have a varied choice:

Mix-a-Mousse® can simply be added to one of your shakes for an easy and equally tasty dessert. (We recommend that you should not have more than one serving per day.)

Water flavourings:

  • Summer Berry (a fruity mix of berry flavours)
  • Sunshine Orange (tangy and refreshing)
  • Golden Vegetable

Cambridge Fibre: An easy and pleasant way of helping your digestive system work more efficiently (maximum of 2 teaspoons per day).


* Check with your Cambridge 800 Consultant for available flavours.